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  D3A2 Model 22 Val   
582 Kōkūtai
or 552 Kōkūtai

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Mark Reichman 2007

Aircraft History
Built by Aichi.Delivered to the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN). Assigned to the 582 Kokutai or 552 Kokutai.

Mission History
This aircraft crashed on Angap Island near Arawe. Likely shot down by anti-aircraft fire or American fighters and crashed between December 15-31, 1943 during Japanese air raids against the U. S. Army beachead and U. S. Navy vessels supporting the American landing at Arawe (Cape Merkus).

During 2007, only scattered wreckage remained at the crash site.

Mark Reichman adds:
"It had been stripped of everything, wings, fuselage were totally gone leaving only the engine and struts. There were also 3 small oxygen tanks there the locals probably thought were bombs so didn't bother with. To our utter surprise, there was a machine gun laying there 30 feet from the engine. Of the 7 Vals we've now seen, this is the first one that had a gun still in the area. We still have 2 more rumors to check out in the Arawes and possibly come December I'll get back out there." 

Thanks to Mark Reichman for additional information

After The Battle Number 133 "Aichi D3A 'Val' Recovery
Thanks to Rod Pearce and Mark Reichman for additional information
Kodochosho, 552nd Kōkūtai, December 17-31, 1942
Kodochosho, 582nd Kōkūtai, December 15-31, 1942

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