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Douglas C-47 Dakota
List by Serial Number and unit


List by USAAF Serial Number
C-47 "Eager Beaver" 41-7733  pilot Wilson crashed August 7, 1943
C-47A "Flying Dutchman" 41-18564  pilot Vandervort crashed November 10, 1942
C-47 "Broadway Limited" 41-18568 crashed April 1, 1944 (?)
C-47 "Maxine" 41-18585  pilot Cater crashed October 16, 1942
C-47 "Full House" 41-18587 pilot Carlson crashed November 9, 1942
C-47 "The Jayhawk" 41-18598  damaged January 12, 1943 officially condemned on December 1, 1943
C-47 41-18601  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped postwar
C-47 "Linda Ann" 41-18645  served in New Guinea, crashed March 16, 1960
C-47 "Irene" 41-18646  stored in Australia
C-47 "Star Duster" 41-18648  Pilot Gibson crashed November 21, 1942
C-47 41-18661  pilot Gower crashed November 21, 1942
C-47 41-18668  pilot Cathcart crashed August 15, 1943
C-47 "Liliane" 41-18682  pilot Burley crashed August 15, 1943
C-47 41-19496  condemned December 22, 1943
C-47 "Overtime" 41-19479  stored in Lae, ultimate fate unknown
C-47 "Swamp Rat" 41-38601  pilot Lattier crashed November 26, 1942
C-47 41-38614  pilot Anglin crashed June 27, 1971
C-47 "The Broadway Limited" 41-38615  pilot Majure crashed November 5, 1942
C-47 "Shady Lady" 41-38631  pilot Brandt crashed November 26, 1942
C-47 "Early Delivery" 41-38658  pilot Schwensen crashed February 6, 1943
C-47 41-38662  pilot Crowley crashed March 11, 1943
C-47 "The Jayhawk 2nd" 41-38665  written off December 31, 1945
C-47 "Swamp Rat II" 41-38678  likely scrapped
C-47A 42-92034  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
C-47A "The Green Banana" 42-92051  pilot Dobrisky ditched February 10, 1944
C-47 A65-33  crashed February 17, 1945
C-47 A65-39  crashed May 10, 1945
C-47A "The Broadway Limited" 42-23418  operated in New Guinea, Allied Air Transport Vol. 2, page 504, 520
C-47A "The Shack Trooper" 42-23487  pilot Donovan MIA February 2, 1944
C-47A "Windy City" 42-23500  pilot Chase MIA December 23, 1943
C-47A 42-93499  pilot Walker force landed September 25, 1944
C-47A "Betty El" 42-23589  pilot Anglin crashed November 16, 1943
C-47A "The Amazon" 42-23659  pilot Nollkamper force landed December 1, 1943
C-47A 42-23698  pilot Hutson crashed August 27, 1943
C-47A 42-23700  pilot Walker crashed August 10, 1943
C-47A "Shakes All Over" 42-23705  pilot Davis MIA July 9. 1944
C-47A "Billie L" Serial 42-23713  pilot Jacobs crashed February 12, 1944
C-47A 43-48234  displayed at Northern Queensland Warbirds
C-47A "Polly" 42-23856  operated in New Guinea, damaged June 13, 1944
C-47A "Sure Skin" 42-23860  pilot Gennette crashed September 6, 1945, some remains recovered, four missing
C-47A "Gremlin Special / Guinea Gopher" 42-23952 pilot Prossen crashed May 13, 1945 Hidden Valley / Shangri-La
C-47A 42-23959  pilot Pate crashed September 14, 1944
C-47A 42-23851 pilot Hill ditched December 8, 1943
C-47A "The Fireball Mail" 42-24215  pilot Campbell crashed December 10, 1944
C-47A "Our Lillian Ethel Form 1A" 42-24228  Pilot Hutchinson MIA March 6, 1944
C-47A 42-24360  pilot Deaux MIA November 2, 1943 wreckage found 2003
C-47A 42-24398 pilot Bishop crashed February 19, 1944, one missing?
C-47A 42-92062  pilot Morrison MIA October 1, 1944
C-47A "Hoosier Traveller" 43-30742  pilot Creceliu crashed December 19, 1943
C-47A 43-30746  wreckage known
C-47A 42-100479  pilot Fletcher crashed January 9, 1945
C-47A 42-100455  pilot Parkhurst MIA March 12, 1945 wreckage known, one recovered
C-47A 42-100591  Valiant Air Command Museum
C-47A "Mary / Barbara Ann" 42-100618  served in New Guinea, scrapped September 3,1946
C-47A 42-100628  pilot Hosp force landed June 10, 1944
C-47A 42-100728  pilot Fletcher MIA January 9, 1945
C-47A "Windy City" 43-16011  pilot Kellogg MIA March 27, 1945
C-47A 43-16114  pilot Pomplun MIA December 24, 1944
C-47B 43-16204  pilot Wondaal crashed February 19, 1945
C-47B 43-16230  pilot Lair crashed June 22, 1945 wreckage known, two recovered, status ?
C-47B 43-16261  pilot Baskett MIA November 27, 1945 (ATC)
C-47B 43-16333  damaged on the ground
C-47B 43-48308  pilot Power MIA May 17, 1946
C-47B 43-48747 (NZ3527)  assigned to RNZAF
C-47B 43-48847  flying status registered with the FAA as N231GB
C-47B 43-49389 (NZ3529)  assigned to RNZAF
C-47B 43-49762 pilot Torbett crashed June 18, 1945
C-47B 43-49849  displayed on pylons at Jackson Airport
C-47B 44-76764 (A65-95) operated by HARS as VH-EAE
C-47B 44-76774  (A65-94) operated by HARS as VH-EAF


List by Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Serial Number
C-47 A65-3  pilot Balfe crashed December 14, 1943
C-47 A65-6  crashed September 19, 1945
C-47 A65-18 (P2-ANN) stored at Jackson Airport
C-47 A65-32  crashed March 14, 1954
C-47 A65-35  pilot Thomas crashed December 12, 1960
C-47 A65-38  pilot Dyke crashed September 9, 1945

C-47 A65-39 (42-92548)
C-47 A65-44  displayed at the Qantas Founders Museum
C-47 A65-54  pilot Hanrahan crashed November 15, 1945
C-47 A65-56  pilot Beer crashed September 11, 1945
C-47 A65-61  pilot Hunter crashed September 18, 1945
C-47 A65-64  displayed at Mulwala RSL Club
C-47 A65-65  (DC-3 P2-006) salvaged to parts at Lae Airfield
C-47 A65-67  (DC-3 P2-003) displayed Moree, NSW
C-47 A65-71  stored at the Treloar Technology Centre, Canberra
C-47 A65-73  displayed at The Beck Museum
C-47 A65-75  converted to parts and sold
C-47 A65-83  pilot Robinson MIA December 19, 1945
C-47 A65-84  (DC-3 P2-002) displayed at Airways Hotel
C-47 A65-94  (44-76774) operated by HARS as VH-EAF

C-47 A65-95  (44-76764) operated by HARS as VH-EAE
C-47 A65-100  displayed at Butler Air Transport Museum, offered for sale 2014
C-47 A65-104  remains located at Australian Aviation Heritage Centre, Darwin
C-47 A65-111  nose displayed on car trailer at Avalon Airshow
C-47 A65-122  displayed at Lae Botanical Gardens
C-47 A65-124  displayed at RAAFAWA Aviation Heritage Centre, Bull Creek


List by Royal Air Force (RAF) Serial Number
Dakota KN 344  pilot Young crashed July 2, 1945


List by Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) Serial Number
C-47A Dakota NZ3527  returned United States ultimate fate unknown
C-47B Dakota NZ3529  pilot ? crashed July 6, 1945


List by Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) Serial Number
DC-3 (no designation)  (A65-112) displayed Lae Botanical Gardens
DC-3 P2-001  (A65-100) served with the PNGDF until 1994
DC-3 P2-002  (A65-84) displayed at Airways Hotel / Balus Bar
DC-3 P2-003  (A65-67) displayed in Australia
DC-3 P2-006  (A65-65) force landed November 18, 1987 taken to Lae for spare parts


Other Known Wrecks & Displays
C-47 abandoned at Angaur  abandoned at Angaur Airfield
C-47 abandoned at Dumpu  abandoned at Dumpu
C-47 abandoned North Borio Airfield  abandoned at North Borio Airfield
C-47 displayed at Indonesian Air Force Museum  displayed at Indonesian Air Force Museum
C-47 crashed Kwajalein Reef
R4D crashed near Munda
C-47 abandoned at Kornasoren
C-47 crashed near Salamaua
C-47 abandoned Tadji  abandoned at Tadji
C-47 "Sandy"  ultimate fate unknown
C-47 Popondetta Airfield  right wing and wreckage at Popondetta Airfield

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