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Douglas C-47 Dakota
List by Serial Number and unit


List by USAAF Serial Number
C-47 "Eager Beaver" 41-7733  pilot Wilson crashed August 7, 1943
C-47A "Flying Dutchman" 41-18564  pilot Vandervort crashed November 10, 1942
C-47 "Broadway Limited" 41-18568 crashed April 1, 1944 (?)
C-47 "Maxine" 41-18585  pilot Cater crashed October 16, 1942
C-47 "Full House" 41-18587 pilot Carlson crashed November 9, 1942
C-47 "The Jayhawk" 41-18598  damaged January 12, 1943 officially condemned on December 1, 1943
C-47 41-18601  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped postwar
C-47 "Linda Ann" 41-18645  served in New Guinea, crashed March 16, 1960
C-47 "Irene" 41-18646  stored in Australia
C-47 "Star Duster" 41-18648  Pilot Gibson crashed November 21, 1942
C-47 41-18661  pilot Gower crashed November 21, 1942
C-47 41-18668  pilot Cathcart crashed August 15, 1943
C-47 "Liliane" 41-18682  pilot Burley crashed August 15, 1943
C-47 41-19496  condemned December 22, 1943
C-47 "Overtime" 41-19479  stored in Lae, ultimate fate unknown
C-47 "Swamp Rat" 41-38601  pilot Lattier crashed November 26, 1942
C-47 41-38614  pilot Anglin crashed June 27, 1971
C-47 "The Broadway Limited" 41-38615  pilot Majure crashed November 5, 1942
C-47 "Shady Lady" 41-38631  pilot Brandt crashed November 26, 1942
C-47 "Early Delivery" 41-38658  pilot Schwensen crashed February 6, 1943
C-47 41-38662  pilot Crowley crashed March 11, 1943
C-47 "The Jayhawk 2nd" 41-38665  written off December 31, 1945
C-47 "Swamp Rat II" 41-38678  likely scrapped
C-47A 42-92034  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
C-47A "The Green Banana" 42-92051  pilot Dobrisky ditched February 10, 1944
C-47A 42-108825 (FZ563)  pilot Campbell MIA June 1, 1944
C-47 A65-33  crashed February 17, 1945
C-47 A65-39  crashed May 10, 1945
C-47A "The Broadway Limited" 42-23418  operated in New Guinea, Allied Air Transport Vol. 2, page 504, 520
C-47A "The Shack Trooper" 42-23487  pilot Donovan MIA February 2, 1944
C-47A "Windy City" 42-23500  pilot Chase MIA December 23, 1943
C-47A 42-93499  pilot Walker force landed September 25, 1944
C-47A "Betty El" 42-23589  pilot Anglin crashed November 16, 1943
C-47A "The Amazon" 42-23659  pilot Nollkamper force landed December 1, 1943
C-47A 42-23698  pilot Hutson crashed August 27, 1943
C-47A 42-23700  pilot Walker crashed August 10, 1943
C-47A "Shakes All Over" 42-23705  pilot Davis MIA July 9. 1944
C-47A "Billie L" Serial 42-23713  pilot Jacobs crashed February 12, 1944
C-47A 43-48234  displayed at Northern Queensland Warbirds
C-47A "Polly" 42-23856  operated in New Guinea, damaged June 13, 1944
C-47A "Sure Skin" 42-23860  pilot Gennette crashed September 6, 1945, some remains recovered, four missing
C-47A "Gremlin Special / Guinea Gopher" 42-23952 pilot Prossen crashed May 13, 1945 Hidden Valley / Shangri-La
C-47A 42-23959  pilot Pate crashed September 14, 1944
C-47A 42-23851 pilot Hill ditched December 8, 1943
C-47A "The Fireball Mail" 42-24215  pilot Campbell crashed December 10, 1944
C-47A "Our Lillian Ethel Form 1A" 42-24228  Pilot Hutchinson MIA March 6, 1944
C-47A 42-24360  pilot Deaux MIA November 2, 1943 wreckage found 2003
C-47A 42-24398 pilot Bishop crashed February 19, 1944, one missing?
C-47A 42-92062  pilot Morrison MIA October 1, 1944
C-47A "Hoosier Traveller" 43-30742  pilot Creceliu crashed December 19, 1943
C-47A 43-30746  wreckage known
C-47A 42-100479  pilot Fletcher crashed January 9, 1945
C-47A 42-100455  pilot Parkhurst MIA March 12, 1945 wreckage known, one recovered
C-47A 42-100591  Valiant Air Command Museum
C-47A "Mary / Barbara Ann" 42-100618  served in New Guinea, scrapped September 3,1946
C-47A 42-100628  pilot Hosp force landed June 10, 1944
C-47A 42-100728  pilot Fletcher MIA January 9, 1945
C-47A "Windy City" 43-16011  pilot Kellogg MIA March 27, 1945
C-47A 43-16114  pilot Pomplun MIA December 24, 1944
C-47B 43-16204  pilot Wondaal crashed February 19, 1945
C-47B 43-16230  pilot Lair crashed June 22, 1945 wreckage known, two recovered, status ?
C-47B 43-16261  pilot Baskett MIA November 27, 1945 (ATC)
C-47B 43-16333  damaged on the ground
C-47B 43-48308  pilot Power MIA May 17, 1946
C-47B 43-48747 (NZ3527)  assigned to RNZAF
C-47B 43-48847  flying status registered with the FAA as N231GB
C-47B 43-49389 (NZ3529)  assigned to RNZAF
C-47B 43-49762  pilot Torbett crashed June 18, 1945
C-47B 43-49849  displayed on pylons at Jackson Airport
C-47B 44-76328 (KN344)  pilot Young crashed July 2, 1945
C-47B 44-76764 (A65-95) operated by HARS as VH-EAE
C-47B 44-76774  (A65-94) operated by HARS as VH-EAF


List by Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Serial Number
C-47 A65-3  pilot Balfe crashed December 14, 1943
C-47 A65-6  crashed September 19, 1945
C-47 A65-18 (P2-ANN) stored at Jackson Airport
C-47 A65-32  crashed March 14, 1954
C-47 A65-35  pilot Thomas crashed December 12, 1960
C-47 A65-38  pilot Dyke crashed September 9, 1945
C-47 A65-39  (42-92548)
C-47 A65-44  (42-93099) displayed at the Qantas Founders Museum
C-47 A65-54  pilot Hanrahan crashed November 15, 1945
C-47 A65-56  pilot Beer crashed September 11, 1945
C-47 A65-61  pilot Hunter crashed September 18, 1945
C-47 A65-64  displayed at Mulwala RSL Club
C-47 A65-65  (DC-3 P2-006) salvaged to parts at Lae Airfield
C-47 A65-67  (DC-3 P2-003) displayed Moree, NSW
C-47 A65-71  stored at the Treloar Technology Centre, Canberra
C-47 A65-73  displayed at The Beck Museum
C-47 A65-75  converted to parts and sold
C-47 A65-83  pilot Robinson MIA December 19, 1945
C-47 A65-84  (DC-3 P2-002) displayed at Airways Hotel
C-47 A65-94  (44-76774) operated by HARS as VH-EAF

C-47 A65-95  (44-76764) operated by HARS as VH-EAE
C-47 A65-100  displayed at Butler Air Transport Museum, offered for sale 2014
C-47 A65-104  remains located at Australian Aviation Heritage Centre, Darwin
C-47 A65-111  nose displayed on car trailer at Avalon Airshow
C-47 A65-122  displayed at Lae Botanical Gardens
C-47 A65-124  displayed at RAAFAWA Aviation Heritage Centre, Bull Creek


List by Royal Air Force (RAF) Serial Number
Dakota KN344  (44-76328) pilot Young crashed July 2, 1945
Dakota FZ563 (42-108825)  pilot Campbell MIA June 1, 1944


List by Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) Serial Number
C-47A Dakota NZ3527  returned United States ultimate fate unknown
C-47B Dakota NZ3529  pilot ? crashed July 6, 1945


List by Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) Serial Number
DC-3 (no designation)  (A65-112) displayed Lae Botanical Gardens
DC-3 P2-001  (A65-100) served with the PNGDF until 1994
DC-3 P2-002  (A65-84) displayed at Airways Hotel / Balus Bar
DC-3 P2-003  (A65-67) displayed in Australia
DC-3 P2-006  (A65-65) force landed November 18, 1987 taken to Lae for spare parts


Other Known Wrecks & Displays
C-47 abandoned at Angaur  abandoned at Angaur Airfield
C-47 abandoned at Dumpu  abandoned at Dumpu
C-47 abandoned North Borio Airfield  abandoned at North Borio Airfield
C-47 displayed at Indonesian Air Force Museum  displayed at Indonesian Air Force Museum
C-47 crashed Kwajalein Reef
R4D crashed near Munda
C-47 abandoned at Kornasoren
C-47 crashed near Salamaua
C-47 abandoned Tadji  abandoned at Tadji
C-47 "Sandy"  ultimate fate unknown
C-47 Popondetta Airfield  right wing and wreckage at Popondetta Airfield
C-47 Bulolo Airfield overshot the runway March 8, 1943 and written off

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