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Bristol / DAP Beaufighter
Built by Bristol and DAP

List by Serial Number
Mark Ic
Beaufighter A19-1  pilot Sayer crashed September 23, 1942
Beaufighter A19-5  pilot Le Maistre crashed December 13, 1944
Beaufighter A19-11  Damaged on the ground April 12, 1943
Beaufighter A19-12  pilot Langusch crashed August 5, 1942
Beaufighter A19-15  force landed October 16, 1943 afterwards written off
Beaufighter "Feaubighter" A19-31  destroyed by Japanese air raid March 2, 1943
Beaufighter A19-33  pilot Woodroffece MIA September 5, 1943
Beaufighter A19-36  pilot Hall crashed July 16, 1944
Beaufighter A19-47  pilot Gardiner, crashed August 21, 1943 aerial collision over Taberfane
Beaufighter A19-43  Stored at the USAAF Museum
Beaufighter A19-50  destroyed on the ground April 12, 1943
Beaufighter A19-53  pilot Lucas crashed November 30, 1943
Beaufighter A19-60  pilot Budd missing May 6, 1943 after mission to Taberfane
Beaufighter A19-63  pilot Leithhead, crashed August 21, 1943 aerial collision over Taberfane
Beaufighter A19-68 pilot Butterfield, crashed October 12, 1942

Mark VIc
Beaufighter A19-73  pilot Harding crashed May 31, 1943
Beaufighter A19-87  crashed May 16, 1943 at Gurney Airfield later converted to components
Beaufighter A19-97  pilot Stone crashed October 12, 1943
Beaufighter A19-118  pilot Gillespie crashed July 24, 1943 wreckage reported but never visited
Beaufighter A19-119  pilot Willard crashed August 30, 1943 wreckage found postwar.
Beaufighter A19-120  pilot Hall crashed June 16, 1944
Beaufighter A19-130  pilot Glasscock ditched August 16, 1943 located 2000 by Pearce / Fetterly
Beaufighter A19-133  pilot Glasscock crashed September 19, 1943
Beaufighter A19-134  pilot Daniels crashed February 21, 1944

Mark IX
Beaufighter A19-139  pilot Chapple MIA November 25, 1943 located 1995 by Bennett
Beaufighter A19-141  pilot Wein crashed December 17, 1943
Beaufighter A19-144  abandoned at Drysdale Airfield
Beaufighter A19-145  pilot Gaunt crashed November 21, 1943
Beaufighter A19-148  force landed January 22, 1944
Beaufighter A19-156  pilot Strachan force landed April 6, 1944

Mark X
Beaufighter A19-184  scrapped August 8, 1949
Beaufighter A19-185  pilot Baldock crashed July 13, 1944
Beaufighter A19-202  pilot MacPherson crashed December 6, 1944
Beaufighter A19-208  pilot Wackett crashed September 24, 1944

Mark XIc
Beaufighter A19-163  pilot Kerrigan crashed off Broome on September 18, 1944

Mark 21
Beaufighter A8-186  displayed at Camden Aviation Museum
Beaufighter A8-328  displayed at the Moorabbin Air Museum


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