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Convair B-32 Dominator
Technical Information

Designed by Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation (Convair) to compete with the B-29 Superfortress. When the B-29 was selected by the US Army Air Force, the B-32 was completed as a less sophisticated alternative, without cabin pressurisation and remote controlled gun turrets.

Wartime History
Only fifteen B-32s entered combat service with the 312th Bombardment Group, 386th Bombardment Squadron based at Clark Field. This was the only unit to ever operate the B-32 in combat combat during World War II.

A total of 118 were built. Postwar, the majority of the B-32 Dominator bombers built were stored and scrapped at Kingman Field and Walnut Ridge Field, many directly from the Consolidated Vultee assembly line.

Consolidated B-32 Dominator by Joe Baugher
Dominator - The Story of the Consolidated B-32 Bomber by Stephen Harding and James Long
Rampage of the Roarin' 20's pages 303-307

Technical Details
Crew  Eight
Engine  4 x Wright R-3350-23 Cyclone radial
Span  135'
Length  83' 1"
Height  3.86m
Maximum Speed 357 mph
Range  3,800 miles
Armament  2 x 20mm cannon (nose & tail) 4 x .50 cal machine guns
Bombload  20,000 lbs.

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May 22, 2017

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