American Aircraft Losses Over Alexishafen


Research by Justin Taylan, Walt Deas, John Douglas, Michael Claringbould and Keith Hopper

Known losses in the Alexishafen area:

P-38H Lightning 42-66596
P-38H Lightning 42-66834
P-388H Lightning 42-66546
B-25D "Green Dragon" 41-30118

Known losses in the Madang area:

P-38H Lightning 42-66904
P-38H "Mareelee II" 42-66851 Tail Numer 23
P-38J Lightning 42-104355
B-25G Mitchell 42-64850
B-25D "Lucky Star" Mitchell Serial Number 41-30183

  • The 80 FS/ 8 FG lost a P-38 force land on the banks of the Naru River, south of Madang.
  • Lt. Kno x(475 FG) went MIA at the mouth of the Ramu valley.
  • Donno Bellows who force landed at mouth of the ramu valley (Knox's wingman)
  • On April 16, 1944 at least two other P-38's lost in the area (two are probably at Meibu village, Finisterress).
  • A-20 43-9423 386 BS, 312 BG 1 March 44 hit a small hill by a lake 2 miles SW of Alexishafen
  • P-38 42-66510 Missing Madang area
  • P-38H 42-66580 433 FS, 475 FG 24 Sept 43 [Kirschner] last seen Alexishafen
  • P-38H 42-66741 433 FS, 475 FG 24 Sept 43 near Alexishafen in sea
  • B-25 41-30303 71 BS, 38 BG [Armor] 20 Dec 43, Sek Harbour, W Sek Island
  • B-25 41-30516 499 BG, 345 BG [Thompson] 9 Sept 43 Alexishafen Madang area hit a tree
  • B-25 41-30771 405 BS, 38 BG [Besley]21 Dec 43 150 feet offshore Cape Kusserou , Madang
  • B-25 42-64850 833 BS, 38 BG [Smith] 3 Nov 43 Offshore bili Bili is, Madang
  • P39N 42-20359 110 TS, 71 TG 5-7 miles w Madang a/s 16 Feb 44[Swanson] hit trees after power loss on a phamphlet dropping run
  • P-39Q 42-20359 110 TS ,71 TG 12 May 44 [Marman] into sea Astrolabe Bay , Madang
  • P-40 42-105477 35FS, 8FG [McKee] 13 Nov 43, between Madang and Alexishafen

Known P-38 losses in Dumpu Area

P-38H Lightning 42-66837

Known wrecks in Madang / Alexishafen area that are yet to be identified:

P-38 Lightning at Siar Island
P-38 Lightning at NobNob

The villagers present at the recovery of A-20 "Big Nig" who suggested that there are other twin tailed
aircraft in the swamps near their village.

The following aircraft had crew members POW / executed at Amron

B-25D Mitchell 41-30221
B-25D Mitchell "Green Dragon" 41-30118
P-38J Lightning 42-104355

Thanks to Keith Hopper for wrecksite insights for Madang area.
The losses on April 16, 1944 "Black Sunday" are coveed in the book Black Sunday by Michael Claringbould

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