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Douglas Skyraider (A-1, AD)
Known aircraft

Other Known Wrecks
AD-2 Skyraider  displayed at the Victorious Fatherland Liberation Museum
122729 (VMA-121) lost to automatic weapons fire, Korea Aug 5, 1952.
122730 (VA-923) hit by ground fire, ditched at sea, Korea Sept 27, 1951.
122740 (VMO-6) crash landed Bon Homme Richard CV-31 Aug 29, 1951.
122744 (VMA-121) shot down by AAA, Korea, Oct 27, 1952.
122746 (VA-923) exploded during emergency landing at Kangnung, Korea, Jul 6, 1951.
122751 (VMA-121) ditched in river near K-47 in Korea after engine failure Dec 17, 1952.
122753 (VA-923) hit by AAA and ditched off Korea, Oct 3, 1951.
122757 (VMA-121) emergency landing at K-6, Korea due to mechanical failure May 8, 1953.
122760 (VA-923) shot down by AAA, Korea, Jul 18, 1951.
122764 (VMA-121) in midair collision with RF-80A Aug 11, 1952.
122767 (VA-923) hit by AAA, Korea, pilot bailed out but not recovered Nov 21, 1951.
122768 (VA-923) engine failure off Bon Homme Richard CV-31 and ditched Jul 7, 1951
122771 (VA-728) shot down by AAA, Hamhung, Korea Mar 2, 1952.
122782 (VA-923) lost in Hwansungwon-ni area of Korea Dec 22, 1951.
122786 (VA-923) crashed and burned Nov 15, 1952.
122793  assigned USS Leyte
122797 (VA-35) ditched on takeoff USS Leyte CV-32 off Korea 1/14/1951. Pilot injured.
122800 (VMA-121) lost in Korea Mar 29, 1953. Either could not pull out of dive or hit by bomb blast.
122804 (VA-195) force landed west of NAS Alameda, CA 12/05/1951. Pilot OK.
122807 (VF-54) probably hit by AAA and crashed in Wonsan Harbor Jan 22, 1952.
122811 was at EAA Museum, Oshkosh, WI in 1983. In 2003 was at Naval Support Activity, Philadelphia, PA
122817 (VA-35) force landed while attacking bridge on Tongno River Nov 11, 1950, Korea.
122822 (VA-923) crashed off USS Oriskany CVA-34 Feb 1, 1953.
122823 (VA-923) hit by AAA S of Wonsan, Korea Nov 4, 1952.
122840 (VC-33) stalled on waveoff from Millville Airport, NJ 1/22/1951. Pilot OK.
122842 (VF-194) shot down by AAA W of Kowon, Korea Feb 8, 1952.
122844 (VC-12) crashed on takeoff from NAS Quonset Point, RI 12/29/1951. Pilot killed.
122849 dove in off NAS Quonset Point, RI. Feb 13, 1950, pilot killed.
122852 (VA-923) ditched in water after being hit by AAA, Oct 6, 1951.
122853 converted as prototype for AD-4
AD-2 Skyraider  displayed at the Victorious Fatherland Liberation Museum
AD-2 Skyraider BC-21?  displayed at the Victorious Fatherland Liberation Museum

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