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Mitsubishi A6M5 Model 52 Zero
List by Manufacture Number & Unidentified wrecks.

List by Manufacture Number
Model 52
A6M5 3904  first A6M6 Model 52 Zero built
A6M5 3950  photographed in foreground of Yoshida photo
A6M5 3932  crashed near Piva on Bougainville
A6M5 3938  crashed Rhunagi
A6M5 3946 Tail 8-1??  abandoned Bougainville
A6M5 3967  abandoned Rabaul area, Tobera
A6M5 Zero 1303 Tail 61-121  captured Aslito Field on Saipan to the US. Owner Whittington/Flying Heritage
A6M5 Zero 1493  abandonded Yap. recovered 1980, displayed Kawaguchiko / Harada Collection
A6M5 Zero 4007  under restoration by an individual in Japan
A6M5 Zero 4043 Tail 3-108  surrendered Jacquinot Bay, recovered AWM, displayed Weeks
A6M5 Zero 4168  restored, displayed at Yasukuni Shrine
A6M5 Zero 4213  ditched Jammer Bay
A6M5 Zero 4220 Tail 81-151  Captured Tarawa Airfield
A6M5 Zero 4240  Salvaged Rabaul to Japan, used in restoration of Yasukuni Zero
A6M5 Zero 4241  Salvaged, parts used in other Zero restorations by Harada
A6M5 Zero 4323  Simpson Harbor salvaged 1971, San Diego Aerospace, destroyed in fire
A6M5 Zero 4340 Tail 61-131  captured Aslito Field on Saipan to the US. Displayed NASM Washington DC
A6M5 Zero 4379  surrendered 1945, ditched during RNZAF test flight
A6M5 Zero 4400 Tail HK-102  captured at Truk recovered parts owned by Flying Heritage Collection
A6M5 Zero 4685 Tail 43-188  Force landed on Guam, salvaged 1962 restored in Japan
A6M5 Zero 4708  abandoned Yap Airifeld, salvaged 1980, restored
A6M5 Zero 5350  captured Aslito Field on Saipan transported to the US
A6M5 Zero 5352 Tail 8-34  Captured Asilito Airfield tranpsported to US
A6M5 Zero 5356 Tail 8-36  Captured Asilito Airfield tranpsported to US
A6M5 Zero 5357 Tail 61-120  Captured Asilito Airfield tranpsportedto US, restored Planes of Fame / Ed Maloney
A6M5 Zero 5622  captured at Morotai, repainted RAAF markings
A6M5 Zero 22383  displayed at Kanoya Museum
A6M5 Zero 62343  displayed at Chiran Kamikaze Museum
Model 62
A6M5 Zero 82729  ditched Lake Biwa, recovered 1976

Other Known Wrecks
A6M5 Zero  RAF capture, displayed at AWM
A6M5 Babo  cowl removed
A6M3 Babo near crater  abandoned Babo Airfield
A6M5 Tail 30-1153  abandoned Babo, recovered and displayed at IAFM
A6M5 Zero  abandoned Colonia Airfield
A6M5 Zero  abandoned Colonia Airfield
A6M5 Zero  abandoned Pagan Island

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May 22, 2017

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