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  M3A1 General Stuart Tank Hull Number ?  

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D Letourneau 1999

Tank History
Assigned to the U. S. Marine Corps (USMC) and manned by a Marine tank crew.

Wartime History
During the middle of September, 1943 this tank landed on Arundel Island. On September 17, 1943 this tank supported the U. S. Army 27th Infantry during their assault against Japanese defenders. This was one of two tanks knocked out by camouflaged Japanese 37mm anti-tank guns Type 94 (1936) rapid fire gun. This tank was hit with at least three shells that penetrated in the forward hull. Both tank crews escaped their disabled tanks, but the American advance was blunted.

The following day, the attack was resumed with eleven tanks, in two waves supporting each other, and with supporting infantry. This assault pined down and overwhelmed the Japanese.

This impressive wreck is left where it was disabled. Several holes are visible in the front armor where the 37mm round disabled it. All its guns are still in place. Japanese foxholes and positions surround the tank.

Iain Williams visited this tank in the 1970's:
"There was a rusted .45 pistol rusted and fused into the interior, and a pair of dog tags hanging around the breech of the gun. I guess since then, these items have been souvineered."

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