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Heavy Cruiser

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IJN June 6, 1942

Ship History
Built at the Mitsubishi shipyard at Nagasaki and commissioned on August 29, 1935. In July, the cruiser departed with Cruiser Division 7 for Samah on Hainan Island, and participated in Operation FU to occupy southern Indochina.

Wartime History
Participated in the southern expeditionary fleet, providing close support for the Japanese landing at Singora, Patani and Kota Bharu on December 8, 1941.

During the Battle of the Sunda Strait on February 28, 1942 at 2355, USS Houston scores hits on Mikuma that knock out her electrical power, but it is quickly restored. During the battle, Mikuma loses six men and eleven others are wounded.

Battle of Midway
During the Battle of Midway on June 6, 1942 Mikuma and Mogami are heading for Wake Island when they are attacked by three waves of 81 SBD Dauntless dive bombers from USS Enterprise (CV-6) and USS Hornet (CV-8).

Sinking History
Mikuma is hit by at least five bombs in the forecastle, bridge area and amidships and set afire. The hit on the forecastle puts the forward guns out of commission. The hit near the bridge area sets off some ready service AA shells and causes considerable damage to the bridge and personnel. The hit amidships sets off several torpedoes and the resultant explosions destroy the ship. Captain Sakiyama is wounded severely. Mikuma turns on her portside and sinks at 29-22N, 176-34E. 650 crewmen are killed.

The ASASHIO rescued Captain Sakiyama. Later, he is transferred to SUZUYA for medical attention. MOGAMI, ASASHIO and Arashio rescue 240 survivors, then they depart for Truk. Later, Admiral Kondo orders ASASHIO back to search for more survivors from Mikuma and to scuttle her. She searches, but fails to find the cruiser.

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