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Fuso Class Battleship

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USN October 25, 1944

Ship History
Laid down by the Kure Kaigun Kosho on March 11, 1912. Launched on March 28, 1914. Completed on November 18, 1915.

World War I Service
took part in no major action during World War I, as the majority of the Japanese Navy was engaged in escort duties and various other work which did not require the use of the battle line.

Sinking History
During the Battle of the Surigao Strait on October 25, 1944. At 0250, thirty-nine PT boats attack Force "C". At 0250, thirty-nine PT boats attack Force "C. The FUSO and the YAMASHIRO's 6-inch secondary armament opens fire on the attacking PT boats that are well-illuminated by Japanese destroyers. All of the PT's torpedoes miss. By 0254, Desron 54's western section makes radar contact. At 0256, the Shigure lookouts spotted the MELVIN, REMEY and the McGOWAN at 9,000 yards. The YAMASHIRO probes with her searchlight but the destroyers are too far away to be seen. At about 0300, the MELVIN, REMEY and the McGOWAN launch 27 Mark 15 torpedoes, then take fire from the YAMASHIRO and her destroyers.

At 0309, the FUSO, making 17 knots, is hit starboard side amidships by one or two of the MELVIN's Mark 15 torpedoes and a fire starts. The FUSO slows, sheers to starboard out of formation and reverses course back down the strait making about 10 knots.

From 0310-0311, the McDERMUT and the MONSSEN launch their torpedoes. At 0320, one of MONSSEN's torpedoes hits the YAMASHIRO. A torpedo also hits the destroyer MICHISHIO, disables her and she later sinks. Another torpedo hits the destroyer ASAGUMO and blows off her bow. She sinks the next morning. At 0331, the YAMASHIRO is hit again by a torpedo and slows to five knots. By 0338, the FUSO's fire reaches her magazines. At about 0345, she explodes and breaks into two sections.

At 0529, the cruisers USS PORTLAND (CA-33) and the DENVER (CL-58) open fire on the retreating cruiser MOGAMI and the ASAGUMO. Rear Admiral (later Admiral) Jesse B. Oldendorf's flagship LOUISVILLE (CA-28) selects a large, stationary target with a very large fire burning. The LOUISVILLE's target turns out to be the still afloat bow section of the FUSO.

Sunk: At 0531, at a range of 18,900 yards, the LOUISVILLE opens fire. The LOUISVILLE fires but eighteen 8-inch armor piercing rounds and the FUSO's bow section goes down at about 0540 in the Surigao Strait at 10-09N, 125-24E.

The FUSO's stern section founders about 0640, off Kanihaan Island southeast of the bow section. Survivors in the water refuse rescue, so there are few, if any, survivors of FUSO's approximately 1,400 crewmen.

IJN Fuso: Tabular Record of Movement

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