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Kriegsmarine Kriegsmarine (German Navy)
Sinking date shown for wartime losses

Heavy Cruiser
Prinz Eugen  sunk December 22, 1946

Light Cruiser
SMS Emden  grounded November 9, 1914 off Cocos Island

Auxiliary Cruiser
Komet sunk October 14, 1942
Thor damaged November 30, 1942

SMS Cormoran Scuttled April 7, 1917

Motor Vessel (MV)
MV Buka  scuttled circa 1914
MV Nusa (HMAS Nusa)  used by the Australian administration during the war
KGS Komet (HMAS Una) captured October 10, 1914
MV Siar  captured 1914
MV Madang  captured 1914
Komet (HMAS Una) captured October 11, 1914

Merchant Raider
Kormoran (HSK-8, Steiermark) Scuttled November 19, 1942
SMS Wolf (Wolf IV)  scrapped 1931

UIT-23 (Reginaldo Giuliani)  sunk February 14, 1944 [ details ]
U-168 sunk October 6, 1944 by a torpedo fired by Dutch submarine HrMs Zwaardvisch (P 322)
U-181 (I-501) scuttled February 12, 1946
U-183 sunk April 23, 1945 by a torpedo fired by USS Besugo SS-321
U-196 sunk December 1, 1944 (?) [ details ]
U-537 sunk November 9, 1944 [ details ]
U-859 sunk September 23, 1944 [ details ]
U-862 (I-502) scuttled February 13, 1946 [ details ]


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