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by Masaru Tochibayashi
Futabasha  2008
112 pages, full color
ISBN: 978-4-575-45041-5
Cover Price: 2200円

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3DCGシリーズ 42 日米空母決戦
スリーディーシージーシリーズ ニチベイクウボケッセン
(Japan-U.S. Aircraft Carrier decisive battle)

This is the second book and DVD by master 3D animation, Masaru Tochibayashi, aka "Tochy Suppon". For anyone interested in the best CGI air combat animations, this book is a must for your bookshelf and DVD player.

This book's text is in Japanese, but the illustrations alone make it useful for any reader. Renderings include Japanese and American aircraft carriers, including computer renderings of cross sections, side views and cutaways of every imaginable view of each carrier type. Also, an overview of Pacific carrier battles and strikes. The book concludes with a story board overview of the DVD animation covering the Battle of the Eastern Solomons.

The DVD is titled: "Fierce battle! The South Pacific Sea Battle". To the Allies, this battle is known as the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. Tochibayashi continues to out-do even himself with this impressive and ambitious animation. The movie begins with a historical overview of the battle, setting the stage with the landing on Guadalcanal, and disposition of forces at the start of the battle. The animation begins with Japanese subtitles, and realistic sound effects and music tracks.

From an animation standpoint, there is nothing like Tochibayashi's work and attention to detail. Not only are aircraft accurately represented down to the tiniest detail, his depiction of pilots and even famous officers aboard both carriers is photo realistic.

Depictions of air combat realistically present the capabilities of aircraft, and follow the historically accurate events of the battle, including air combat between F4F Wildcats and A6M2 Zero. Plus, dive bombing attacks by Vals and Dauntless dive bombers and torpedo attacks by B5N2 Kate.

Among the scenes depicted is the crash of Val dive bomber, believed to be piloted by Yoshihiro Iida, is shot down by anti-aircraft fire directly over the USS Enterprise. Carrier based scenes include bridge, elevator shots and anti-aircraft gun positions, and accurate portraits of bomb and torpedo damage to ships from attacks.

Once again, Tochibayashi has outdone himself, and allowed us to see views of air combat that previously existed only in our imagination. Also by Masaru Tochibayashi: 3D CGI Zero Fighter (Book + DVD)

Interview with Masaru Tochibayashi, aka "Tochy Suppon"

Review by Justin Taylan

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