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Blayd Corporation
LinkCarman, Manitoba, Canada
Tel: 519-660-5102

In 1990, Blayd Corporation purchased Japanese Zero pieces and materials from Robert Diemert.

A6M2 Model 21 Zero Tail AI-I-129  (Replica)
Replica Zero 1:1, no original parts are used. Accurate markings of A6M2 Zero 6544 Tail AI-I-129

Click For EnlargementThe Blayd Corporation used the assortment of parts as templates from Diemert to build a new Zero. The only original parts on this Zero are its landing gear. This is the plane known as the Dakota Blayd Zero as it was purchased by a consortium based in ND and MN. These partners took the airframe and finished it (primarily engine, instruments, hydraulics) at Tri-State Aviation in Wahpeton ND (owned by Gerry Beck). This replica Zero was the identity of A6M2 6544 and is displayed at the Fargo Air Museum.

Today, Earl Calverley still has the parts Diemert sold them stored in a semi trailer next to his shop in Carman. The only large identifiable pieces in this collection is a deskinned left wing from A6M2 5459 and the deskinned front fuselage section from A6M2 3471.

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