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    Woodlark Island Miline Bay Province Papua New Guinea (NG)

Lat 9° 5' 60S Long 152° 49' 60E  Woodlark Island is located to the northeast of Milne Bay.

Wartime History
On June 30, 1943 Americans forces occupied Woodlark and Kiriwina during a surprise landing by Army and Marine troops and the 60th Construction Battalion "Seabees". They met little opposition, and sporadic harassing air raids that did only minor damage. Quickly, the island was developed into a forward airbases. 20th Construction Battalion "Seabees" built 30 miles of roads on the island, housing facilities, eight wooden buildings, nine quonset huts, a small hospital, and a saw mill. By November 1, 1943 all construction projects were completed. A detachment of the 60th Construction Battalion "Seabees" remained for maintenance until March 1944.

Veteran R. E. Spicer recalls:
"I spent about 6 months at Woodlark Island as a Marine in 1943. I still remember the big bay with the coral reef breakers about half mile out. We would swim in this bay area and the water was so clear you could see the shells on the bottom in 12 feet of water. We were there when the CBs built the air strip. Although we went to many islands after that this most beautiful place remains in my memory. I even remember a cave that had human bones in it at end of this long beach where the land extended further out into the bay. Would you be able to supply any pictures of this area today?"

Guasopa Bay
Borders Woodlark Island, Guasopa Bay is the principal harbor on the island, accessible through two passages. LSTs could enter the bay. Later, pontoon barges were established for a PT Boat pier and repair work on landing craft and picket boats were preformed here. The airfield on Woodlark was built by American forces along the bay.

Narewa Airfield (Guasopa, Woodlark Airfield)
American built airfield, still in use today as Woodlark Island's only airfield

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