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    Wanigela (Waigela) Oro Province Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Lat 9° 19' 60S Long 149° 10' 0E  Wanigela is a coastal village on the northern coast of New Guinea bordering Collingwood Bay, near Cape Nelson and Dyke Ackland Bay south of Tufi. Also spelled Wanigela, Komabun and Kamabun. Wartime references also spell the location "Waingela", "Waigela" or "Wanagilla".

Wartime History
During early July 1942 a small party of coastwatchers in HMAS Paluma charted the shipping channels from Waigela to Cape Nelson. During , October 1942 Wanigela became vital to the Allies as a forward staging base for the campaign against the Japanese beachheads at Buna-Sanananda-Gona.  From Wanigela, smalls ships would transport supplies and troops along the north coast of New Guinea to Pongani.

Waigela Mission
Prewar, an Anglican mission was established at Wanigela led by Reverend Dennis J. Taylor. Forty members of the mission evacuated by foot after the Japanese landed at Gona.

Waigela Airfield
Prewar Anglican mission at Waigela.

B-25C "Pistoff" 41-12830
Pilot Lett ditched January 8, 1943

HyperWar US Army in WWII - Victory in Papua pages 105-108, 124

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