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    Kiriwina Island Milne Bay Province Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Lat 8° 40' 0S Long 150° 55' 0E  Kiriwina Island is the largest Island in the Trobriand Island Group, 25 miles long and 6 miles wide. Located 360 miles south of Rabaul. To the east is Kitava Island. To the west is Kaileuna Island.

Wartime History
Kiriwina Island was never occupied by the Japanese. On June 24, 1943 U.S. Army troops occupied Kiriwina and Woodlark and faced no opposition. A month later, they began developing an airfield on the island.

Kiriwina Airfield (South Drome, Losuia)
Built by Americans, based RAAF and USAAF aircraft

Kiriwina Airfield (North Drome, Crash Strip)
Located to the north of the island

Kiriwina Cub Strip
Located near the eastern coast of the island for light aircraft

Kiriwina Seaplane Base
Located on the south coast at Losuia

B-24D Liberator 42-72800
Pilot Carlson MIA October 25, 1943 last seen roughly 40 miles north of Kiriwina

B-24D Liberator Serial Number 42-40934
Pilot Bonner crashed October 13, 1943 last seen roughly 40 miles off Kiriwina

B-26 Marauder 40-1426
Pilot Herron crashed May 2, 1942 upside down in swampy ground

Sunk by Allied air attack September 11, 1942

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