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    Gasmata (Surumi, Tsurumi) West New Britain Province Papua New Guinea

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USAAF Sept 9, 1943

Lat 6° 16' 60S Long 150° 19' 60E  Gasmata is located on the southern coast of New Britain. The Japanese called this location "Surumi" or "Tsurumi". Also known as "Gasmatta". Prewar, this area was a coconut palm plantation harvesting copra.

Wartime History
During the night of February 8-9, 1942 occupied by the Japanese and developed into an airfield and base area. Almost immediately, the area was targeted by Allied aircraft.

Allied missions against Gasmata
February 11, 1942 - February 5, 1944

On October 2, 1943 a PT-Boat landing party from Kiriwina landed an group of Australian, American and natives at Ablingi Harbor, west of Gasmata to collect intelligence for two weeks, and afterwards were successfully extracted. On March 28, 1944 the Gasmata area was liberated by Australian Army.

Gasmata Airfield (Surumi, Tsurumi)
Prewar airfield captured and expanded by the Japanese.

Thilenius Harbor (Gasmata Harbor)
Located to the west of the Gasmata Airfield. PT-143 entered the harbor after observing no enemy activity on March 17, 1944, they even tied up to the jetty and inspected the area on foot, and reported back to base that the Japanese had withdrawn from the area.

E13A Jake Manufacture Number 4326
Sunk into the lagoon at Gasmata

Anwek River
Located to the east of Gasmata Airfield. PT-143 destroyed two barges there on March 17, 1943, and met no resistance.

Hudson A16-126
Missing over Gasmata on February 11, 1942 discovered March 5, 2008

Hudson A16-101
Pilot Nicolay crashed March 4, 1942

A6M2 Model 21 Zero
Piloted by Tokushige. Missing in the mountains near Gasmata August 17, 1942

Japanese Merchant Ship
Sunk off Gasmata

Beaufort Mark VIII Serial Number A9-204
Shot down September 4, 1943 by anti-aircraft fire

Beaufort Mark VIII Serial Number A9-183
Shot down September 5, 1943 by anti-aircraft fire

Beaufort Mark VIII Serial Number A9-186
Shot down September 5, 1943 by anti-aircraft fire

Beaufort Mark VIII Serial Number A9-374
Shot down September 5, 1943 by anti-aircraft fire

Hudson A16-165
Pilot Erwin crashed March 4, 1942

Awrin Island (Awrin Island)
Island located off Gasmata

B-24D Liberator 42-41043
Pilot Harris MIA December 16, 1943 presumed lost at sea

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