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    San Fabian Pangasinan Province | Luzon Philippines

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Justin Taylan 2003

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Carl R. Thien 1945
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Justin Taylan 2003

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Justin Taylan 2003

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Justin Taylan 2003

Lat 16° 7' 42N Long (DMS) 120° 24' 39E  Coastal town on the northeastern side of Lingayen Gulf. To the west is Dagupan and Lingayen.

Wartime History
On December 22, 1941 the Japanese Army landed along Lingayen Gulf. During the war years the mayors were Don Victorino Pine 1940 - 1945 and Martin Vallejos 1942 - 45. On January 9, 1945 US Army forces landed at this location and liberated the area.

PTA Beach Resort (White Beach)
Located at Bolasi, San Fabian, Pangasinan. President Ferdinand Marcos built a beach resort at this location in 1973. Today, the resort is operated by the PTA (Philippines Tourism Authority). A plaque and memorial, dedicated in 1995 was since stolen, all that remains is the concrete. Its dedication formally read: "This sacred and historical site where both the US liberation Task Force 78 (1945) and General Masaharu Homma and the Japanese Imperial Army forces (1941) came ashore."

San Fabian Cathedral
The belfry was destroyed during the American bombardment, and church bell with shrapnel damage is displayed outside the church. During the American liberation, civilians crowded into the church for protection. In 1952 the belfry was restored and today the church has been fully restored. Then & Now Photos San Fabian Church.

San Fabian Municipal Hall
Built prewar. Liberated by the US Army on January 9, 1945. The town hall was used by the CIC (Counter Intelligence Corp) and civilian administration reestablished after liberation. During 2003, a new Municipal Hall building was constructed, and since then this building has been empty. In 2009, the old hall was under renovation to be used again in the future. Then & Now Photos San Fabian Municipal Hall

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