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    Halhamiao (Khalkhin-sume) Hulunbuir Prov Manchuria (Manchukuo) | China

Located near the border with Mongolia, to the northeast of Buyr Nur and northwest of Nomonhan. Known to the Mongolians and Soviets as Khalkhin-sume.

Wartime History
Several border clashes happened at this location.

January 8, 1935 an episode known as the Halhamiao Incident / Affair. A dozen Mongolians "invaded' Manchuria, northeast of Buyr Nur (Lake Buir), presumably to occupy good fishing grounds. On January 14, the Manchukuoan Army's Hsingan Unit sent out an eleven man patrol led by a Japanese Lieutenant to investigate. Combat erupted and the Japanese Lieutenant was killed and six Manchukuoans wounded. The Mongolians refused to withdraw and the Mongolia government claimed Manchukuoa hand entered Mongolian territory. After obtaining Kwantung Army approval, the 13th Cavalry led by Col Wada departed Hailar with two motorized cavalry companies, machine gun company, guns and a tankettes and occupied Halhamiao without opposition, as the Mongolians withdrew before the force arrived. The Japanese occupied the area for three weeks.

Between June 17-19, 1939 during the Battle of Khalkhin Gol / Nomonhan Incident, Manchukuoan border guards were attacked from the western side of Buyr Nur (Lake Buir) by a force of Soviet-Mongolia troops supported by tanks, armored cars and artillery . On June 19, a dozen Soviet planes supported the ground forces by attacking Halhamiao.

Nomonhan page 149-150, 255-256

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