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    Eta Jima Hiroshima Prefecture Japan

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Tom Burchill 2004

Located offshore from Hiroshima.

Japanese Naval Academy (海軍兵学校)
Site of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy (Kaigun Heigakkō) to train Navy officers. The school was moved from Tsukiji in Tokyo to this location in 1869. Previously, the academy was at Yokohama until 1866 and originally in Nagasaki.

Wartime History
During 1943, a separate school for naval aviation was opened in Iwakuni and in 1944 another naval aviation school was established in Maizuru. With the threat of an amphibious landing, Eta Jima was fortified with anti-aircraft guns, defensive positions and tunnels. Students drilled to fight off any landing force. Postwar, the academy was abolished.

Serves as the Officer Candidate School of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

Cadet Residence Hall
Constructed during the Meiji era with bricks imported from England.

Battleship Mutsu Gun Turret
From the Battleship Mutsu salvaged, restored and displayed at the academy.

127mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
On display
outside the JSDF Base.

Kairyu Submarine
1945 submarine, on display outside the Maritime Self-Defence Service School.

Type A Midget Submarine (Midget D)
Sunk December 7, 1941. Displayed outside the Maritime Self-Defence Service School

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