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    Ulithi Atoll  Federated States of Micronesia

Ulithi Atoll (also know as Urushi, or Mackenzie Island) is a coral atoll in the Federated States of Micronesia, in the western Pacific Ocean. It is 106 miles east of Yap. Its islets have a total land area of 1.75 sq miles. Its huge lagoon is the world's fourth largest (209 sq. miles)

American & Japanese missions against Ulithi
March 30, 1944 - March 11, 1945

American Occupation
On September 20, 1944, occupied by American forces, without opposition. Ulithi was developed into a major US Naval base for the remainder of the war, including support for the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Okinawa, and the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland. Used by the US Navy 3rd and 5th Fleets after raids on Japanese home islands. It was abandoned by the USN in 1947.

The 18th Special Battalion arrived on October 1, 1944. This unit, consisting of 17 officers and 514 men, was quartered on a barracks barge. The battalion was to stevedore for the fleet rather than to handle straight shore-to-shore stevedoring operations. This type of work was then highly essential at Ulithi, where all supplies, fuel, ammunition, and spare parts were stored afloat. The 18th Special worked at this task until May 25, 1945, when it was detached and ordered to Leyte Gulf. During that period, the battalion handled an average of 20,000 tons of cargo monthly. On October 10, 1944, a detachment of the 6th Special Battalion arrived at Ulithi to operate as a ship-to-shore stevedoring unit. During its service there, the 6th handled a monthly average of 12,000 tons of cargo. This battalion was detached in June 1945 and returned to Pearl Harbor, where it was inactivated.

A small Coast Guard station was built for navigation, closed after the war.

Urushi Anchorage
Anchorage off Ulithi

Falalop Island
Located at the eastern edge of the Ulithi Atoll American built airfield (Ulithi Airfield)

Mogmog Island
Island located on the northern edge of Ulithi Atoll.

Sorlen Island
Island in Ulithi Atoll, fleet recreation area.

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