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Recovery and Restoration

Interviews with people involved with Pacific aircraft recoveries and/or restorations
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Robert Diemert
Japanese Aircraft Recovery & Restoration
One of the first 'warbird' restorers, early fame was restoring a Hurricane for "Battle of Britain" movie.  With those funds he recovered several Japanese aircraft and restored two Zeros and a the Val himself.

Dennis Dogget

Dennis Doggett
RAAF A-20 Recoveries & A-20 "Hell'N Pelican II" Restoration
Restoration of the most complete and accurate A-20 restoration in the world, recovered from New Guinea. It is not flown due to the rarity of the type.

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Bruce Fenstermaker
Irian Jaya Recoveries & MIA Cases
Fenstermaker began recovering wrecks recovering a Zero, Betty, Judy and Tony to the United States.  He found American MIA cases during his travels and his focus switched MIAs.

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Stan Gajda
Japanese Tankette Restoration
Salvager and restorer involved with various recoveries, co-recoveries and export of items from the PNG Museum.

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Robert Grienert
Salvager and restorer involved with various recoveries, co-recoveries and export of items from the PNG Museum.

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Nobua Harada
Harada Collection

Tokyo based restorer and museum owner. Restored A6M5 Zero over 20 years, and the tail section of G4M2 Betty.

Click For Story Daniel Hunt
Kurlie Island Recoveries

Recovered a A6M2 Zero, Kate and serveral Ki-43 Oscars, and a B-25 from Islands north of Japan.
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Air Pirates

American aircraft salvager who has salvaged over 60 aircraft from 1973-1996. He has recovered portions of a B-17 from Alaska and P-38 in New Guinea.
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Classic Jets Museum
Restoring a P-38 recovered from New Guinea
owner of several other ex-PNG aircraft.
Click For Story Edward Maloney
Planes of Fame Museum

Founder of the Planes of Fame Museum, restoration of A6M5 in the 1970s and involved with numberous other aircraft and project.
Click For Enlargement Taizou Nakamura
Japanese restorer of Zero Panels and guages
Learn about Nakamura-san's work with the Harada collection Zeros, restoring meticulous instrument panels and guages for aircraft. Also, his involvement with the crash sit of the crash site of Ki-45 4057 in Japan.
Click For Enlargement John Sterling
Recovery of Four Zeros from Taroa Airbase
Recovered in 1991, all used as a source of parts for the restoration of one A6M3. One of the Zeros was later sold to the Imperial War Museum, the others were later sold to the Evergreen Air Museum where the one is still under restoration.
Click For Story Gene Strine
Mid-Atlantic Air Museum
Himself a WWII veteran, he recovered one of the world's last "Black Widows" from a mountain on Irian Jaya, and has been restoring it ever since.  When completed it will be the only flying P-61 in the world, and only 2 others displayed in the world.
Click For Story David Tallichet
Yesterday's AIr Force

A veteran, an early warbird collector and restorer. Funder of one of the largest salvage operations in the world recovering dozens of aircraft from Tadji in 1973-75. Gerald Yagen
Fighter Factory / Military Aviation Museum / Tidewater Tech
Salvage and restoration of warbirds from around the world, his collection includes former Pacific aircraft and ongoing salvage activities. Interview coming soon...

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