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New Zealand Missing In Action (MIA)
World War II Pacific Theater

This list is not complete. It is a work in progress. Are you a relative or have information on a Pacific WWII MIA Case? Add a profile (free service). Please provide as much detail as possible: crew list, aircraft serial number, squadron & date of loss, as we are unable to conduct research.
NZ RNZAF (Royal New Zealand Air Force)

P-40M Kittyhawk NZ3111  pilot Vickers crashed September 23, 1943 pilot POW, died July 22, 1944
P-40N Kittyhawk NZ3120  pilot Bremner MIA February 5, 1944
P-40N Kittyhawk NZ3121  pilot Sladen MIA January 9, 1944
P-40N Kittyhawk NZ3126  pilot Nicholson MIA February 5, 1944
P-40N Kittyhawk NZ3134  pilot Buchanan December 24, 1943
P-40N Kittyhawk NZ3137  pilot Souter MIA February 13, 1944
P-40N Kittyhawk NZ3175  pilot McFarlane MIA December 17, 1943
P-40N Kittyhawk NZ3153  pilot Freeman MIA December 17, 1943
P-40N Kittyhawk NZ3155  pilot McDonald MIA December 19, 1943
P-40N Kittyhawk NZ3166  pilot Hutton MIA November 16, 1943
P-40N Kittyhawk NZ3169  pilot Rishworth MIA November 22, 1943
P-40N Kittyhawk NZ3200  pilot Knight MIA January 27, 1944
P-40N Kittyhawk NZ3215  pilot McHardie MIA June 1, 1944 2

F4U Corsair NZ5236  pilot Wilson crashed September 14, 1944
F4U Corsair NZ5274  pilot Thomson crashed June 20, 1944
F4U Corsair NZ5429  pilot Thorburn crashed December 24, 1944 wreckage known
F4U Corsair NZ5459  pilot Moore crashed May 31, 1945
F4U Corsair NZ5473  pilot Crosby MIA April 11, 1945 remains recovered, resolved

PV-1 Ventura NZ4578  pilot Graham crahed May 28, 1945
PV-1 Ventura NZ4613  pilot Benton crashed June 9, 1945

Hudson NZ2021  pilot Allison MIA July 24, 1943
Hudson NZ2033  pilot Rutherford MIA July 7, 1943
Hudson NZ2034  pilot Marshall crashed August 24, 1943, 5 missing
Hudson NZ2054  pilot Newall crashed December 19, 1942

SBD Dauntless NZ5037 pilot Moore crashed February 11, 1944, 2 missing
SBD "Prune's Progrss" NZ5050  pilot Cray MIA April 17, 1944, 2 missing

TBF Avenger NZ2507  pilot Gardner crashed April 26, 1944
TBF Avenger NZ2518  pilot Prior MIA June 5, 1944 remains recovered 1947, remains recovered 2001, resolved
TBF Avenger NZ2521  pilot Trolove MIA May 31, 1944
TBF Avenger NZ2530  pilot Greenslade MIA May 28, 1944

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