Warbirds & Warbird Parts

Information about Pacific Theatre aircraft currently flying or under restoration.

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Warbirds & Warbird Parts

Post by SilverHawk » Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:31 pm

I am trying to help a friend locate primarily WWII warbirds and warbird parts and accessories. He has been instrumental in acquiring parts for organizations and individuals that are either striving to restore a warbird – or keep one flying. There are parts out there, but they are getting more and more difficult to find. In many cases, they are deteriorating and not doing anyone any good rusting or corroding away in a crate hidden away somewhere. Every part is important, especially those such as propellers. If anyone has any parts, or knows about the existence of any parts, I’d sure appreciate your letting me know. Of course we try to be more than fair in providing compensation for anything we acquire. Keeping these machines serviceable, airworthy, and flying takes a great deal of work by a great many individuals contributing in many different ways, and all help is appreciated.
Dave Williams
Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC

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