C-47B-DK, USAAF Serial #43-49531

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C-47B-DK, USAAF Serial #43-49531

Post by West-Front » Wed May 21, 2008 4:03 am


C-47B-DK, USAAF Serial #43-49531, is a veteran of 3 wars and 55 years of service between two nations, The United States and Israel.

She entered service as a Troop Carrier on 28 November 1944 leaving the Oklahoma City factory for Bear Field, Indiana to upload her GFE - Government Furnished Equipment, and for a final test flight. Upon Completion 2 days later, she headed towards the war in Europe landing in Italy attached to the 12th AF. She spent approximately 270 days in combat before returning home in the September of 1945, bringing home with her veteran troops from the quiet former war front.

She then entered service with Israel shortly after and saw 2 wars, the Yom Kippur and 6 Day-War. She retired from Israeli service in 1999.

So after 55 years of dedicated service she is now permanently home with the American Aeronautical Foundation, of Camarillo,Ca. She Joins B-25J "Executive Sweet" as part of a flying museum that has a mission of preserving history and allowing the public to view and soon to ride both of these aricraft!

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