Kittyhawk finds precious legs

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Kittyhawk finds precious legs

Post by West-Front » Tue Mar 04, 2008 3:23 pm

WHILE enthusiasts searched for parts of a P-40 Kittyhawk, its landing gear had been sitting at a Gordonvale cane farm for 65 years.

North Queensland Warbirds director Mike Spaulding said the landing gear for the aircraft, which was being restored at Mareeba airport, was found at Ken Hardwick’s cane farm by one of his warbirds’ crew. "It’s been there since World War II," Mr Spaulding said. "A project of this nature, where there are very few serviceable parts remaining in the world, is a huge task. "In our warbird fraternity, to restore an aircraft like this is quite significant because there’s less than 12 flying in the world today." The legendary fighter was retrieved from the Markham Valley in Papua New Guinea in 2004 from its wartime resting place after being shot down by a Japanese Zero in 1943. "It is a passion of mine to bring back to life these aeroplanes that have laid dormant for so long," he said.

"It’s the journey (in restoring) that is the icing on the cake." The two-seater Kittyhawk is expected to fly by August in time for the Mareeba Airshow.

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