Myanmar (Burma)

Discussion about wrecks and losses as well as historic sites in the Pacific.

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Myanmar (Burma)

Post by Nomdeplume_30 » Fri Mar 24, 2006 7:12 am

Hi Guys

Been travelling South East Asia for the last 6 months visiting every war museum in the area I know of. On a trip in the far north of Myanmar (Burma) I met a guide with an interest in aviation. After a few discusions he told me of some know wrecks. Unfortunatley if a wreck is located near a town the wreck is quickly melted down in pots and pans or made into knifes which are highly valued for there high quality aluminuim. I explained that it was more important that the wrecks where report but I think as the wrecks are found they will be destroyed with no regard for the pilots remains. I told him to keep me updated on any new finds and sent him some aviation magazines with WWII restorations in them.


P.S good to see the forum back!! Sorry about spelling I am in a hurry to catch a bus in Thailand :-D

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