Carpenter Mates Enlisted PLEASE READ

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Carpenter Mates Enlisted PLEASE READ

Post by Tina Pratt » Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:14 am

My Dad WAS HERE. PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT WHAT YOU SAW THE CARPENTERS BUILD AND WHERE THANKYOU. was at Hollandia and was based about 1/2 mile from Lake Sentani. Flyers would take the sailors up for rides now and then. My Dad was Enlisted Navy so he wasnt a Sea Bee. He was in the Navy he said befor they really got started. But He trained at Sampson Training Center in NY for 12 weeks befor they had boats he helped build the base. But he said there were Sea Bees on the other side of the Navy Base.They had no docks and sailors did there own laundry and used rope to tie uniforms to the Gant lines to dry. Sampson Naval and Air Force bases are museums now and have many unit photos and postcards you can see on the web showing you the place and things. No unit photo was taken of my Dad they weren't doing that yet. From there to Great Lakes them to Treasure Island , CA and Plesington base out there (havn't found imfo on this base yet not sure how to spell it.) Both of those bases he helped to build. Treasure I sland is under the Oakland Bridge a man made island . The base has a web site the 1939 Worlds Fair was ther and many movies like the Matrix, and Indiana Jones were filmed there on the base. He was transported over to the Islands on the USS G M L Hersey. He helped build Los Negros Island base. Then to Hollandia where he was 1/2 mile from Lake Sentani he said there were Air Force there and landing strips. He remembers that the RANGERS were there but he doesnt remember units or divisions numbers or names. I did read the hill tops near Cyclops were cleared by the Rangers so we had a better look if something was coming. Lake was fresh water but Tami river off of it was salt water with crocs. War ended on 14 Aug. 1945 but he was later assigned to Mandus Island till Feb 1946 rebuilding. He spent Christmas and his birthday Dec 26 over there befor coming home. He was transported on the USS Half Moon to San Pedro in CA. as far as i know at this point. THANKYOU FOR LISTENING
Mrs. Tina Pratt Proud Navy Daughter

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