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John Douglas
Papua New Guinea Wreck Detective

Click For EnlargementDouglas works and lives in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. He is the owner and manager of Douglas Environmental Services (DES) an environmental consultant company. He spends his free moments wreck hunting throughout the country and developing his knowledge of the battlefields.  His unique military / aviation archeology is immensely satisfying, and twelve years of exploring has led to a deep knowledge of wrecks and battlefields in the South West Pacific.

News Updates
Monthly wreck reports about John Douglas' travels and wreck discoveries.

Papuan Wrec 'tecs
John Douglas' Team of Papua New Guineans who report about WWII aircraft wrecks, and photograph them with disposable cameras. Also, profiles of several of the wreck tecs, their background and interests in WWII history.

Favorite Wrecks
Douglas has visited countless WWII wrecks. This is a list of his six favorite wrecksites.

Searches & Discoveries
From time to time particular requests come to find a particular aircraft wreck. These searches are usually collaborative affairs involving other explorers,wrec 'tecs, historians and relatives. In the course of these explorations, Douglas comes across human remains that are reported to the respective government agencies for USA, Japan and Australia.

John restored WWII trucks and military vehicles for a hobby in New Zealand. Read his comments about tourism, recovery and preservation of WWII relics in PNG.

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August 7, 2015


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