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    Tarawa Airfield (Hawkins Field) Tarawa Kiribati

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USN November 1943

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USN November 22, 1943

Tarawa Airfield is a single runway orientied east to west, encompassing roughly two-thirds of Tarawa Island (Betio).

Japanese built airfield. There was a turnaround at the eastern end of the runway and a taxiway with revetments in the middle between the runway and the taxiway.

Wartime History
Used by Japanese fighters and bombers, including A6M Zeros, D3A Vals, G3M2 Nells and G4M1 Bettys.

Japanese units based at Tarawa Airfield
204 Kokutai (A6M Zero) February 1943
281 Kokutai (A6M Zero)
755 Kokutai (G3M Nell)

American missions against Tarawa (Betio)
January 26, 1943 - November 19, 1943

During November 20-21, 1943 Tarawa Airfield became a battlefield when U. S. Marines landed on the island and captured the airfield as the objective of the operation. At Tarawa Airfield, American forces captured several Japanese aircraft including: A6M5 Zero 4220 Tail 81-151, G3M2 Nell Tail Y1-3?? and G3M2 Nell Tail 65.

Immediately after the battle, Tarawa Airfield was repaired and expanded for use by American forces. US Navy Seebees bulldozed all the debris off the airfield and extended the runway right to the western end of the island and resurfaced it using crushed coral. The wreckage of many Japanese aircraft were bulldozed onto the coral reef flats. This airfield enable land-based aircraft to reach the Marshall Islands.

Renamed "Hawkins Field" in honor of Marine 1st Lt. William Dean Hawkins who was killed in the battle to recapture Tarawa and earned the Medal of Honor, posthumously. Tarawa Airfield was used by fighters, light aircraft, medium bombers and for emergency landings. The runway was considered considered marginal for heavy bomber usage, so B-24 Liberators used nearby Bairiki Airfield (Mullinix) instead.

American units based at Tarawa Airfield (Hawkins Field)
VF-1 from USS Barnes and Nassau land on Nov 25, 1943
41st BG HQ ` Dec 17, 1943 - April 24, 1944 Makin
41st BG, 396th BS (B-25) Hickam Dec 24, 1943 - April 20, 43 Makin
41st BG, 820th BS (B-25) Hickam Dec 24, 1943 - April 27, 43 Makin
7th AF HQ Funafuti Dec 30, 1943 - March 25, 1944 Kwajalein
11th BG, 431st BS (B-24) Funafuti Jan 16, 1944 - March 31, 1944 Kwajalein
11th BG, 26th BS (B-24) Nukufetau Jan 25 - April 14, 1944 Kwajalein
11th BG, 98th BS (B-24) ? - April 4, 1944 Eniwetok
11th BG HQ ? - April 5, 1944 Kwajalein
28th BG, 77th BS (B-25) from Amchitka February 11, 1944 - ?
VMF-422 (F4U) CVE Kalini Bay January 24 - 25, 1944 Funafuti (22 lost due to bad weather)

Disused since the war, wreckage of Japanese aircraft remains on the offshore coral reef flats, where they were bulldozed during late 1943.

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