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    Irumagawa Airfield (Johnson AFB) Tokyo Japan

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Located at Irumagawa near Tokyo.

Built in 1937, this base was the air academy for the Japanese Army Air Force, with its academy located at the nearby town. Mostly training aircraft operated from the base, including Type 95 biplanes painted orange.

Units based at Irumagawa
14th Sentai (Ki-67) 1945

American Occupation
When American forces occupied the base, they discovered a mock-up B-29, used for training suicide teams on how to disable a B-29, for paratrooper missions to the Marianas, that never happened.

Renamed Johnson Air Base by the Americans, in honor of the 49th FG's former C.O., Gerald A. Johnson, who scored 22 victories but was killed post war in a B-25 crash over Tokyo Bay.

American Units based at Irumagawa
5th Air Force Headquarters
41st Air Division
35th FG 8th Photo Recon Squadron
3rd Bombardment Wing
35th FG, 41st FS (P-51s) Yontan October 10, 1945 - March 25, 1950 Yokota
314th Air Division

An 'Ohka' flying bomb was displayed at the entrance to the base as early as 1953. The base was returned to the Japanese during the 1960s.

MXY7 Ohka
Displayed as gate guard at the air base until the 1950s

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