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    Middleburg Airfield (Klenso, Toem) Irian Jaya Indonesia

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US Army Aug 12, 1944

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Robert Laessig 1944

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US Army c1944

Located on Middleburg Island, to the north of Sansapor on the coast of New Guinea. Also known as "Middleburg Island Airfield" or "Middleburg Drome".

Built by the Americans as a fighter airstrip, it became operational on August 15, 1944.

American units based at Middleburg
198th Anti-Aircraft C-Battery 1944
347th FG 67th FS (P-38) Russell Aug 15, 44 - Feb 12, 45 Morotai
339th FS (P-38) Sansapor September 19, 1944 - February 13, 1945 Morotai

George T. Reed recalls:
"I was in the 5th Army Airways Communications System (AACS), under Col. Nichols HQ Brisbane, and was "sent" up to Sansapor. I was on the island the moment the first plane landed. I think it was a P-38. We had a few raids when the moon was full. Zero's and Bettys. I positively remember the construction of the landing strip and when the first plane landed. All was quiet until about October 1944 when the first Japs came over. I would like to communicate with any one who was on Sansapor or Middleburg. I was NCOIC (T/SGT) in charge of 33 men with mission to establish AACS radio station on the island. I was operating the station one night when the shrapnel went through the radio shack. This was on the south side of the runway!"

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