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Nakajima Ki-44 Tojo
Listing by uniit. Note: Some aircraft served in several different BGs, and are listed twice.

List by Manufacture Number
Ki-44 2068 (S11) (29th Sentai captured Clark Field, ATIU)
Ki-44 1747 (S18) with 40mm cannon captured Clark Field
Ki-44 2143 "SA" (captured Clark Field)
Ki-44 1291(captured Clark Field)
Ki-44 1753 (captured Clark Field)
Ki-44 1792 (captured Clark Field)
Ki-44 1883 (captured Clark Field)
Ki-44 2166 (captured Clark Field)
Ki-44 1043 (captured Zablan)
Ki-44 1056 (captured Zablan)
Ki-44 1175 (captured Zablan)
Ki-44 1182 (captured Zablan)
Ki-44 1301 (captured Zablan)
Ki-44 1581 (captured Zablan)
Ki-44 1741 (captured Zablan)
Ki-44 1953 (captured Zablan)
Ki-44 1987 (captured Zablan)
Ki-44 2137 (captured Zablan)
Ki-44 2140 (captured Zablan)
Ki-44 2146 (captured Zablan)
Ki-44 2036 (captured Floridablanca)

Other Known Wrecks & Displays
Ki-44 (246th Sentai captured Clark Field, ATIU)

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August 7, 2015


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