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  B-24J-175-CO "Taloa" Serial Number 44-40716 Number 716
7th AF
494th BG
866th BS

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Commander  Captain Donald F. Marvin, O-69019 (POW / KIA) Geauga Lake, OH
Pilot  1st Lt. Joseph Dubinski, O-693016 (KIA) Washington, PA
Co-Pilot  1st Lt. Rudolph C. Flanagan, O-821250 (POW, died) San Antonio, TX
Navigator  1st Lt. Lawrence A. Falls, O-708804 (KIA) Washington, DC
Bombardier  1st Lt. Robert C. Johnson, O-698565 (POW, survived) Mission, KS
Engineer  T/Sgt Walter Piskor, 11066604 (KIA) Willimantic, CT
Radio  T/Sgt David A. Bushfield, 32142771 (POW, died) Rochester, NY
Top Gunner  S/Sgt Charles R. Allison, 36478544 (MIA / KIA) Chester, IL
Lower Gunner  S/Sgt Charles O. Baumgartner, 35526892 (POW, died) Sebring, OH
Nose Gunner  S/Sgt Camillous F. Kirkpatrick, 34625126 (MIA / KIA) Clarksdale, MS
Tail Gunner  S/Sgt Julius Molnar, 36453945 (POW, died) Kalamazoo, MI

Crashed  July 28, 1945 at 12:51
MACR  14990

Mission History
Built by Consolidated. Assigned to the 7th Air Force, 494th Bombardment Group, 866th Bombardment Squadron. Nicknamed "Taloa" with a nude figure, the name of a girlfriend the pilot in Panama. When lost, engines R1830-65 serial number 42-91213, 45-2962, 42-88461, 42-42601. Weapon serial numbers noted in MACR.

Mission History
Took off from Yontan Airfield on bombing mission #139. This B-24 flew in the #4 position in the formation, behind B-24 #980 at 10,000' altitude on a bombing mission against Battleship Haruna anchored in Kure Harbor.

A few moments after dropping their bombs at 12:48, this bomber was hit by anti-aircraft fire 3 or 4 times, made a slight turn to the left and and went into a steep dive, and was seen burning on the ground at roughly 34 degrees 16' N 132 degrees 33' E. Crashed at Yawata village Saeki country, Hiroshima Prefecture around 12:51 (Today, this location is Yawata Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-city). Also lost was B-24J "Lonesome Lady" 44-40680.

Fates of the Crew
1st Lt. Flanagan falls to his death in the Hiroshima Otagawa mouth of a river from the hole caused by anti-aircraft fire.

Piskor fell to his death on an Otagawa mouth-of-a-river Mitsubishi shipyard machine factory roof. Seven of the crew did not exit the bomber and died in the crash.

Four of the crew were taken prisoner: Marvin, Flanagan, Baumgartner and Molnar.

Marvin and Flanagan died on July 28, 1945. Baumgartner and a Molnar were transported to Chugoku Military Police Headquarters Kempi Tai (Military Police) at Hiroshima. They died on August 6, 1945 during the atomic bomb as this location was near the epicenter of the bomb.

Johnson survived the war and was liberated from Tokyo POW Camp (Shinjuku) at the end of the war.

The following crew members are buried at Honolulu Memorial (Punchbowl). Marvin is buried at Plot P Row 0 Grave 653. Flanagin (Air Medal & 5 Oak leaf clusters/purple heart) died on July 28, 1945 and is buried at Plot P Grave 1113.

The remains of Baumgartner and Molnar were recovered postwar and were shipped to the United States. On November 3, 1949 both were buried in a group burial at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery at Plot 82 Grave 156.

In 1999, a Memorial For U.S. POWs killed by the atomic bomb, including Marvin and Flanagan was placed at the site of the former headquarters. The memorial was conceived and built by a Japanese resident of Hiroshima.

Thanks to Chris Valgardson and Philip Fazzini for additional information
Hiroshima Survivor Remembers Lost U.S. Airmen

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