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  B-17F-1-BO Flying Fortress Serial Number 41-24383  
5th AF
43rd BG
64th BS

Former Assignments
63rd BS

Pilot  2nd Lt Guyton M. Christopher, O-789369 (MIA / KIA) GA
Co-Pilot  2nd Lt Judson S. Ramaker, O-733464 (MIA / KIA) CT
Bombardier   MSgt Meyer Levin, 6975479 (MIA / KIA) NY
Navigator  2nd Lt Barbee (survived)
Crew  S/Sgt Katisoff (survived)
Crew  Sgt Schrimmer (survived)
Crew  Sgt Joseph R. Bayles, 14070416 (MIA / KIA) MS
Crew  Sgt David D. Patrizi, 13037717 (MIA / KIA) PA
Crew  Sgt Joseph E. Wrenn, 14034973 (MIA / KIA) NC

Ditched  January 7, 1943
MACR  16075

Aircraft History
Built by Boeing at Seattle. Delivered to the US Army on June 19, 1942. Ferried to Australia by pilot Lt. Lewis A. Anderson.

Wartime History
Assigned to the 5th Air Force, 43rd Bombardment Group, 63rd Bombardment Squadron. Later, transferred to 64th Bombardment Squadron. No known nose art or nickname.

Mission History
Took off from 7 Mile Drome near Port Moresby on a bombing mission against a Japanese convoy bound for Lae. Returning from the mission low on fuel, this B-17 attempted to ditch into the Gulf of Papua.

Afterwards, B-25 #938 took off at 9:40am hours to seach for this bomber. It was ordered to search 100 miles out to sea on course of 1900. The width of search was between 50 to 60 miles. During the search, the B-25 made nil sightings and returned at 1145 hours. Six crew members were lost in the crash: Christopher, Ramaker, Levin, Bayles, Patrizi andWrenn.

Fates of the crew
Three of the crew were rescued: Barbee, Katisoff and Schrimmer.

The six missing crew members were officially declared Missing In Action (MIA) the day of the mission. All are memorialized on the tablets of the missing at Manila American Cemetery.

PNG Museum Aircraft Status Card - B-17E Flying Fortress 41-24383
Pride of Seattle page 7

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